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Empower and Inspire Your Workforce with Outdoor Workspaces

Summertime is here! With the warmer weather, there’s a constant urge to spend more time outside and soak up some Vitamin D. According to Terra Mai, Harvard naturalist Edward O. Wilson proposed the idea that humans have a genetic predisposition to be drawn to nature and to appreciate the natural world. This theory explains the…

Onsite Food & Beverage Plays a Big Role in Employee Satisfaction and Retention

One of the best perks of an office environment is a workplace that offers onsite food and beverage amenities. Offices that “think outside the water cooler and coffee pot” by providing unique dining and beverage options yield significant returns on investment regarding employee well-being, productivity, retention, and organizational success. While it’s no surprise that convenience…

The Flavor of Transformation: Adaptive Reuse in the Food and Beverage Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban development, adaptive reuse has emerged as a critical strategy for breathing new life into old spaces. This approach is particularly fascinating when viewed through the lens of food and beverage. Restaurants, bars, and cafes are more than just places to eat and drink; they are social and cultural hubs…

In Her Own Words: Ashley Hartle practices ‘humble confidence’

Infuse Hospitality CEO Ashley Hartle shares her career journey in hospitality and rise to the C-suite in BizWomen’s “In Her Own Words” segment. “I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Bizwomen about my career journey in hospitality. It’s always nice (and humbling!) to look back on where I started. At just 14 years old…

The Changing Dynamic of an Elevated Retail Experience

The retail world has evolved in many ways over the last few years. Online and social shopping has skyrocketed, leaving most traditional brick-and-mortar locations to collect dust. So, how do the last ones standing attract and keep guests? Consumers are drawn to experiences now more than ever. Why wait in a long, annoying line, scrounge…

From Idea To Innovation: A Step-By-Step Journey

Check out this latest Forbes article, where Infuse Hospitality Founder Michael Schultz shares insights on transforming a brilliant idea into a thriving business. Read the full article.

Top-notch, Hotel-like Amenities are Elevating the Office Experience

Can you imagine walking into your office building and feeling like you’re on vacation…in a resort or high-end hotel?  As developers and companies continue to find creative ways to encourage workers back to the office, creating irresistible work and gathering spaces in amenity-driven buildings is the game changer for the workforce.  Reimaging what it means…

The 30 Most-Instagrammed Foods in Chicago

Infuse’s craft coffee and tea concept, Fairgrounds was featured in this amazing Food Network piece on “Instagrammable” menu items. Read the full article from the Food Network

Making Something from Nothing

All businesses become successful and profitable by going from an idea to a launch. Check out the latest Authority Magazine piece featuring Infuse Hospitality Founder Michael Schultz, who shares his thoughts and advice on how to create something incredible from an idea and bring it to fruition. Read the full article here