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Onsite Food & Beverage Plays a Big Role in Employee Satisfaction and Retention

By Infuse Hospitality

July 1, 2024

One of the best perks of an office environment is a workplace that offers onsite food and beverage amenities. Offices that “think outside the water cooler and coffee pot” by providing unique dining and beverage options yield significant returns on investment regarding employee well-being, productivity, retention, and organizational success.

While it’s no surprise that convenience is a driving factor in employees taking advantage of onsite food service—since most love to walk down the hall or lobby to the office café —the elimination of a long walk to a restaurant, an expensive Uber ride, or finding a parking spot truly improves workplace productivity. Employees do not need to carve out extensive time to grab lunch or a crafted coffee; they simply walk down the hall or take an elevator.

A great example is JLL’s headquarters “Cloud Level” amenity floor in the Aon building powered by Infuse Hospitality. Infuse helped curate this up-in-the-clouds oasis as the ideal space for building employees to relax and re-energize, ultimately creating a “home away from home” atmosphere. Amenities include Soapbox Conference Center, Peak Fitness Center, and Remedy Tenant Lounge, where tenants can access a cafe, coffee and cocktails, library, game room, and plenty of seating and quiet places to work or relax.

Shared meal spaces can foster social interaction and collaboration among employees and allow for mentoring and team building. Enjoying food together as a group goes a long way in promoting a sense of community in the workplace. Employees see offices with onsite food and beverage offerings as a benefit that makes them feel valued and appreciated, leading to higher job satisfaction and morale.

Beyond the convenience and increased social interaction that onsite food and beverage provide, companies that offer healthy food options “can alleviate some of the daily stressors employees face, making them feel more inclined to stay with the company” (HR Boost). This is a big differentiating factor from other companies that do not offer similar perks. Nutritious food can improve cognitive function, concentration, and overall mental performance, positively impacting work quality.

For example, the Willis Tower was “originally built in an era of single-use buildings and urban flight” and now consists of “varied and extensive retail and dining experiences” (Hospitality Snapshot). It also has an amenity space, Tower House, which is powered by Infuse Hospitality.

Google offices are renowned for employee benefits, from onsite doctors, lawyers, and mental health counselors to five-star gourmet cafeterias offering locally grown, organic, and healthy selections. The company provides free gourmet meals and snacks at its cafes and micro-kitchens across its campuses. This has been a key factor in employee well-being and retention, bringing former work-from-home employees back to the office.

The cost savings of convenient onsite office cafes are especially impactful for employees who reside in high-cost living areas—another factor that sets these companies apart in employee satisfaction and retention. These perks are often mentioned on employer rating websites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Food and beverage offerings can help enhance a company’s station as a caring and progressive employer, positively influencing public perception and brand image.

Overall, investing in onsite food and beverage services to establish a welcoming atmosphere plays a crucial role in retaining employees by addressing their needs for convenience, health, collaboration, and work-life balance, leading to a more satisfied and loyal workforce.

At Infuse Hospitality, we specialize in curating exceptional food and beverage experiences that create a welcoming atmosphere and elevate any space to new heights. We create custom in-house food and beverage concepts that rival trendy coffeehouses, featuring stylish areas for lounging and offering desirable in-house food and beverage options to energize workers and customers and enhance their overall experience.

If you have a food and beverage project or would like to learn how Infuse Hospitality can create an expertly crafted food and beverage experience for your organization, please reach out to say hello!

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