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Top-notch, Hotel-like Amenities are Elevating the Office Experience

By Infuse Hospitality

April 30, 2024

Can you imagine walking into your office building and feeling like you’re on vacation…in a resort or high-end hotel? 

As developers and companies continue to find creative ways to encourage workers back to the office, creating irresistible work and gathering spaces in amenity-driven buildings is the game changer for the workforce. 

Reimaging what it means to “go to work” means much more than a cool fitness center and a sleek coffee shop. From spectacular lobbies to indoor/outdoor collaboration and event spaces to pools, pickleball courts, and white glove valet service – employers are turning to amenity-rich buildings that make time in the office feel like a reward rather than a requirement.  

Most important is the role of elevated food and beverage amenities in an office building or within an office headquarters. When a full-service café is right down the hall or an elevator ride downstairs, with a place to gather and collaborate with colleagues, finding that time to recharge, meet, eat and drink, and be productive is much easier. Not only do onsite food and beverage offerings lead to increased productivity, but they also play a crucial role in employee satisfaction and attracting talent. 

According to MRI Software’s Workplace Report , almost two-thirds (64 percent) of respondents say such hotel-style features impact their decision to work for an organization, including more than one in ten who see failure to provide the right amenities as a deal breaker. 

The demand for a curated workspace is on the rise as companies prioritize providing the best possible experience to find and retain talent. Well-designed amenity spaces that foster connection, mentorship, and collaboration are especially attractive to a younger workforce, inspiring them to leave their home offices and “get back to the office.” Simply put, the expectations for the workplace experience have evolved, and the demand for innovative amenities and resort-level design is paramount. 

At Infuse Hospitality, our mantra is “limited only by the scope of imagination.” We thrive on pushing boundaries and redefining the possibilities in crafting unique experiences. Imagine your space transformed into the next Instagram-worthy hot spot, where every detail is tailored to captivate and engage your community. We envisage amenities as transformative features that enrich the fabric of a workplace, elevating it into a vibrant ecosystem of engagement and satisfaction.  

“There’s no one-size-fits-all design when it comes to elevating and curating a space; rather, we at Infuse firmly believe in an Expertly Crafted Approach,” remarked Infuse Hospitality founder Michael Schultz. “We seamlessly blend innovation, efficiency, and impeccable service to elevate your brand and delight your audience.” 

Infuse specializes in curating exceptional experiences that surpass expectations, elevating any space to new heights, such as: Remedy, also known as “Cloud Level,” is the premier lounge in Chicago’s renowned Aon Center, offering an exclusive amenity experience to the building’s tenants, including a state-of-the-art fitness center. Tower House, situated on the 33rd floor of the historic Willis Tower, boasts breathtaking views and features an expansive tenant lounge, casual café, and bar adorned with a unique Chicago industrial aesthetic and houses a large and flexible conference center for events. The Reserve at Accenture Tower in Chicago features an exclusive tenant lounge equipped with a staffed bar for coffee and cocktails, along with comfortable seating areas for tenants to relax and gather. 

If you have a food and beverage project or would like to learn how Infuse Hospitality can create an Expertly Crafted food and beverage experience for your organization, please reach out to say hello! 

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