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The Changing Dynamic of an Elevated Retail Experience

By Infuse Hospitality

June 4, 2024

The retail world has evolved in many ways over the last few years. Online and social shopping has skyrocketed, leaving most traditional brick-and-mortar locations to collect dust. So, how do the last ones standing attract and keep guests?

Consumers are drawn to experiences now more than ever. Why wait in a long, annoying line, scrounge around for your size, all the while hoping you’re getting the best price and quality when online shopping from the comfort of home is available? People need a reason to step outside and shop, just like they need a reason to dine in a restaurant instead of ordering out. It’s all about the experience.

When shoppers walk through the door, they aren’t just looking for a new purse or a suit. They want the smell of luxury, the sound of luxe music, soft lighting, and an excuse to stick around and make the trip worth it. That’s where an elevated food and beverage experience comes in, and many brands are already capitalizing on its benefits.

Take Tiffany & Co., for example. They recently opened Pretrossian in Costa Mesa, CA. This stunning, high-end dining experience is nestled right into the store. You’re not just going to shop for jewelry; you’re there to experience the brand – and that includes the entire Tiffany & Co. shopping experience.

Another example is Ralph Lauren, which opened three restaurants, including The Polo Bar in New York City, Ralph’s in Paris, and RL Restaurant in Chicago, as well as Ralph’s Coffee shops in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto. Each is a unique experience yet captures the true essence of Ralph Lauren as a brand.

According to Travel and Leisure, many other luxury brands are also following suit. But it doesn’t stop at luxury. Grocery stores like H-E-B have started adding their own BBQ restaurant to select stores. This is extremely beneficial for the Texas-based grocery store, as the brand is connecting further with its key demographic.

At Infuse Hospitality, we specialize in curating exceptional food and beverage experiences that surpass expectations and elevate any space to new heights by incorporating super hyper-local food and beverage concepts that align with a brand and provide the experience that customers want and need. By investing in your brick-and-mortar business, you will turn the tide of foot traffic lull in an e-commerce world.

If you have a food and beverage project or would like to learn how Infuse Hospitality can create an Expertly Crafted food and beverage experience for your brand or retail location, please reach out to say hello!

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