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How to Be Victorious in the Amenity Wars

By Infuse Hospitality

February 16, 2024

When do guests start grading their experience? Is it upon the first taste of the food or drink? Maybe it’s the first interaction with a staff member or experiencing the atmosphere of the business.

The answer is actually the moment they open the door of the building, which is typically the parking garage or the street. Yes, your specialty coffee experience is judged from the moment someone parks their car, steps out, and heads to the door of the building. Any smell, sight, sound and feeling on their journey through the facility all play a part in their overall experience and greatly affects a business’s success in retaining guests, employees or tenants.

“You only have one chance to really “wow” someone, especially in today’s amenity-focused climate,” says Michael Schultz, the founder of Infuse Hospitality. “Ensuring that the guest experience is memorable, unique, and that every interaction is positive will be critical in keeping customers coming back.”

Infuse Hospitality has identified this gap in the industry and has worked to change the way businesses both present themselves and think about the holistic guest experience. We don’t put ourselves into the simple “food and beverage management” box like most hospitality businesses do. We find the unique, impactful, specific needs for retail, office, and residential spaces and fill those gaps, whatever they may be.

What ARE Amenities?

When we think of amenities, it’s typical to think of a coffee machine and contract foodservice. But in today’s atmosphere, that is an antiquated way to look at it. Hospitality amenities are “a desirable and useful feature or facility of a building or place.” That includes any added bonus to a facility to create an authentic experience.

How to Identify Amenity Needs

The old way to do it was you didn’t. You would simply follow a cookie-cutter, predetermined plan of action. A coffee machine, a pool, and continental breakfast – DONE! Guests, employees, residents, potential employees, etc. are all wanting and expecting more, and that’s how the amenity wars began.

Infuse Hospitality takes the opposite approach. First, you figure out the problem, THEN come up with a solution. In the words of Walt Disney, “Get the job done, but never sacrifice quality.”

Is there a trash can positioned right by the entry door with a horrible odor? Let’s move it. Is there a high percentage of guests with dogs? Let’s add a dog-friendly outdoor area, with water bowls, complimentary bones, and an area to wash their paws. The possibilities are endless to create a positive, personalized, and authentic experience for guests.

By identifying problems and tailoring solutions, Infuse Hospitality propels businesses ahead of the competition. In the evolving landscape of hospitality, where guests, employees, and residents seek more than the standard offerings, Infuse’s commitment to a positive, personalized experience sets the stage for businesses to not only attract but retain their clientele. In a single opportunity to “wow” someone, every aspect of the journey through a facility becomes critical in fostering lasting connections and ensuring long-term success.

From full-service restaurants to bespoke bars, craft cafes, and expansive amenities floors, Infuse Hospitality is your one-stop solution for best-in-class food and beverage!

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